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Every single feature, pilot and short script listed below had a 100% opportunity to win and/or place in the finals this year. The quality of material we received this year was phenomenal and everyone on this list should be very proud. 

Our industry judges ultimately chose the winners of the 2019 Finish Line Script Competition, but we are not done with helping the writers of these scripts and will be in touch with many of you regarding what we can do to help get this material to the right producer, executive or representative.

INDUSTRY: To receive a copy of any of these scripts, please email



BENNELONG by James R. Ridley - Held prisoner by British first settlers, an Aboriginal boy learns the ways of his captors with the hope of saving his people from mass extinction (Drama, Historical)

BURNING SEA by Christos Kardana - An embittered immigrant in London must face his past and fear of the ocean when he travels to an Indonesian sea gypsy village to recover the body of his drowned son. (Drama)

CHARLIE HORSE by Zack Frizzell - In ranching country Oklahoma, 1955; a defiant teenage cowboy, who’s lost his friends and a happy home after catching polio, challenges society's stigma by competing in the rodeo. (Drama, Sports)

EVERYTHING ELSE by Leo Marks – When a grieving young mother is visited by strangely vivid dreams of her dead son’s unlived life, her bewildered husband must relearn everything he thinks he knows about bravery and devotion. (Drama)

KANE by Robert Homer Mollohan - A retired fighter, struggling with alcohol abuse, is forced to clean himself up and indulge in Detroit’s violent underground fighting world, when the mother of his children is diagnosed with a life threatening disease. (Drama. Sports)

MANN IS IN THE FOREST by Kerry Mark – A coming-of-age tale about the hunters who killed Bambi's mother. (Drama, Coming of Age)

MOTHERS by Ali Qassim – When a group of middle-aged mothers searching for their abducted children threaten to expose the military dictatorship in 1970s Argentina, a young Naval Officer infiltrates the group to try and destroy them. Based on a real story. (Drama Thriller, Historical)

NEEDS by Christopher J. O'Bryant – A wealthy entrepreneur who previously filed bankruptcy to avoid paying the man he crippled with his car, finds his integrity and billion dollar business threatened when a disgraced attorney reopens the case after meeting the victim at AA. (Drama, Legal)

OLD DOGS AND STILL WATERS by Avi Glick - When a descendant of slaves sets out for justice, one rice miller will stop at nothing to preserve his cherished heritage and multi-billion dollar company. Inspired by true events. (Drama, Crime)) - GRAND PRIZE WINNER

ON TIME by Xavier Neal-Burgin - A mother must make a difficult decision when she's late for her job interview. (Drama)

PADDYROLLER by William Nyerere Plastow - Reformed car thief Odell Jackson takes the wrong turn from hell when he is kidnapped by a racist Sheriff and forced to participate in a terrifying local tradition. (Thriller, Horror)

PERENNIALS by Jack Freeman – A blue-collar father miraculously emerges weeks after a mining collapse, leaving him with disturbing visions that suggest an ancient portal connecting worlds is buried deep in the mines. (Drama, Thriller, Science Fiction)

PERIGEE HEART by Robert Languedoc - In the future, the International Space Station is repurposed as a luxury retirement home due to the benefits of low gravity living, until a pilot and his uncle begin to question the operation of the facility. (Science Fiction)

POD by Nabil Chowdhary - After a mission to save mankind goes wrong, an astronaut awakens in her escape pod to find that decades have passed and that she's on a direct course for the very thing she was supposed destroy: a black hole. (Science Fiction)


STAR AND THE CRESCENT MOON by Parviz Saghizadeh – A young Hasidic Jewish man and a conservative Muslim woman, both doubting the traditions of their religions, find kindred spirits in each other and fall in love in modern day New York. (Drama)

STELLA ON THE VERGE by Samantha Morgan - After a crappy situation leaves a down on her luck young actress scrambling to recover; she decides the only way to save her career is to make her own film-- assembling a rag tag team of a novice writer and an ex-boyfriend director in the process. (Comedy)

SUNSHINE STATE: DUENDE by Kai Thorup - A disillusioned college drop out joins friends camping in a remote part of the Florida Everglades and reflects on the woman she wants to become, while they're hunted by a dangerous creature of mysterious origins. (Horror)

SURGEON HONG by Paul Gross - A music-loving surgeon helps the orphaned prodigy of a disgraced violinist during the tumult and violence of China's Cultural Revolution. (Drama)

THE FOLLOWERS by Colin Dalvit & Andrew Lahmann – After arriving at their remote hideout, two young and ambitious social media "influencers" find themselves pursued by the wrong kind of followers. (Horror, Thriller)

THE GODMOTHER by Shar Carter - After being paired up with an orphan boy, a reluctant female assassin is forced to be a mentor, all while dodging bullets. (Action, Comedy)

THE SOCIOPATH SAINT by Daniel Choi – Caravaggio, an Italian auteur, takes the 16th century entertainment industry by storm with his profanity and piety. (Historical, Drama)

THE WELL by Richard D. Grennan - After moving from the city to their grandfather's house on a remote island, a young deaf girl is all that stands between her family and a terrifying supernatural horror. (Horror)

TURNOVER by Matthew Borlik - A single mother temping at an astrophysics facility must deliver a cup of coffee to the corporation's reclusive founder, whose inter-dimensional-portal experiment has gone horribly wrong. (Science Fiction, Dark Comedy)

WE, WHO ARE ONLY SAILORS by Stephen Erickson - London in 1711 is abuzz with a sea captain's grim yet heroic story of shipwreck, winter survival and cannibalism; but his crew mutinies in the court of public opinion with the help of a female publisher determined to report the truth. (Historical)

WHALES by Nora Jaenicke and Lisanne Skylar - When adult sisters Margot and Louise meet their mother Linda on the Island of Elba for their estranged father's funeral, they unearth a painful, long-buried family secret. (Drama, Thriller)

WILD HEARTS by Jessica Rowlands - A young mother in rural Zimbabwe, desperate to provide for her daughter, is recruited by the elite, all-female anti-poaching unit responsible for her husband’s recent arrest. (Drama. Action)

WILLFUL BLINDNESS by Barbara Nunberg - Plucked from obscurity by Rupert Murdoch to lead Britain's oldest tabloid paper, Rebekah Brooks risks destroying her hard-won success when she authorizes the phone hacking of a teenage murder victim. (Political Drama) - FIRST RUNNER UP

Z.APP by James A. Allen & Justin Hayward - A mild-mannered professional joins the resistance to stop an app that turns crime and punishment in the City of London into a blood-thirsty game. (Thriller)


A FEAST FOR THE BEASTS by Ali Mozaffari - A political meeting over dividing Africa among European colonial powers goes terribly wrong when dinner arrives and turns this civil meeting into a bloody grotesque feast. (Drama, Satire, Short Script)

BITCH REVOLUTION by Zeus Kontoyannis – In the dystopian future, a group of rogue women plan to fight back against an extreme patriarchal society. (Action, Science Fiction, Short Script)

BLIND TIGERS by Jacob Glover - In the underworld of Koreatown, a lovesick owner of a speakeasy, must survive the usually lonesome night shift, after a seductive customer walks in looking to steal more than just his heart. (Drama, Neo-Noir, Romance, Short Script)

BROOKLYN PANSY by Jason Forbach – In 1890’s New York, a young poet, searching for his identity, entangles himself within a group of other queer Brooklynites who are all mysteriously connected to the death of an unidentified young girl. (Coming of age, Period, Crime, Drama)

CONTRABAND by Charlotte Essex - A reckless journalist risks her life to expose the impact of animal trafficking across three continents, only for the story to give her a reason to live; but will she survive? (Thriller, Drama) - SECOND RUNNER UP

DEATH OF A REVOLUTIONARY by Marshall Ferrin - A brilliant and driven French revolutionary has the ability to write a new chapter in his country's rich history, but what begins as a battle for liberty, equality, and fraternity, becomes a vindictive quest for supremacy, power and money. (Drama, Historical)

ELLIE by Becca E. Davis & Kathrene Gawel – A young man who's always attempted to live his life off-the-grid meets his perfect girl and sacrifices his way of life in order to be with her, only to discover that neither she nor their relationship are what they seem. (Social Science Fiction, Drama, Thriller, Short Script)

FINDING SATOSHI by Shruti Saran - When two struggling drug dealers, a cynical professor, and an abused Saudi housewife discover a powerful new technology created by a mysterious hacker, they are unwittingly drawn into a global dark market powered by one of the most disruptive inventions of the 21st century: Bitcoin. (Drama)

IDENTITY CRISIS by Nate Ruegger - A woman with amnesia must become an assassin for a devious intelligence agency to unlock the secrets to her past - and to her superhuman powers. (Drama, Science Fiction)


LITTLE JUDAS by Greg Boose - Young and mischievous Judas Iscariot dreams of ruling the streets of Nazareth while reluctantly befriending his strange and annoying new neighbor, Jesus. (Dark Comedy, Animation)

NOSA by Michael Harriel - When a highly accomplished surgeon can no longer practice medicine, she creates a program that helps patients cope with their condition. (Drama)

NOVA: FIRST FLIGHT by Rachel Fischer - The ceasefire in the war between Earth and the citizens of the Space colonies is jeopardized when a freighter on a diplomatic mission goes missing and two former enemies must put aside their differences to find the ship and preserve the peace. (Science Fiction, Action, Drama)

SOMNUS by James Cripps - A nihilistic detective moves between purgatory and the physical world; a byproduct of his worsening condition of fatal insomnia, while hunting down the mastermind of an online suicide game, a being from another world. (Supernatural Noir)

THAT SISTER THANG by Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen & Dale Winton - Two black South African sisters tackling life in weird ’n wacky Austin grapple with the revelation that one of them is the love child of a white Texan conservative. (Comedy)

THE BREACHING by Wendy Young - When an ecologically destructive weapon wreaks havoc in the etheric realm of the Fair Folk, an envoy of four Folk must cross through a portal (The Breach) and take human form to disarm the weapon, and rescue an earlier lost team from being trapped in the human world forever. (Fantasy, Drama)

THE HALL MONITOR by Chris Caleo - After losing his job, his wife, and his son in one fell swoop, a meek commodities trader transforms himself into THE HALL MONITOR, a web-based crusader looking to decimate the worst offenders in capitalism. (Drama. Magical Realism, Crime Thriller)

THE LOTUS EATER by Jay Furby - Convinced his ex is a real life demon, a man attempts to burn the traumatic relationship from his mind by gorging on 12 different drugs in 12 months. Are the drugs warping his imagination, or is she what the world truly fears - the Devil incarnate? (Drama, Horror, Thriller)

UNDER WATERTOWN by Bob Gebert - While researching a cold case, a low-level FBI transcriber inadvertently relaunches a long dormant criminal underworld and takes on the role of the mysterious crime boss of Watertown, New Jersey. (Thriller, Drama Crime)
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