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If you enter the competition without choosing script consultation notes, your script will be read by our top readers when it is received and will be scored based on overall story/character/writing craft factors. Three readers will read each script and the average of the scores will be logged into our database. Judges will have no idea if the script was revised or if notes were provided; the work is judged on its final merits, solely. If you purchase script consultation notes, a reader will be assigned to you and will go through the script from front to back and give notes on the script as a whole and on individual needs.  You will receive 6+ notes for this process.The notes will be sent to you within 7-10 days of your submission. You can then resubmit your new draft as soon as its ready and either receive more notes or make that re-submission your final entry. (see early question/answer on how to resubmit). You may use your script consultant for notes, new drafts and re-submissions as many times as you like before the deadline.Quarter-finalists and semi-finalists may receive script consultation notes until the deadline to submit their final version.

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