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This competition is unique among all screenplay contests because the writer can resubmit their script after having completed any number of rewrites, at not extra cost. We have set up the competition to follow the development process where a script is submitted, the writer receives 6+ pages of notes provided by a top-notch script consultant, the script is then rewritten and resubmitted until it is in its best form. We want the writer to have the best script possible by the time the competition closes.

We want to HELP you win this competition and entrants can work closely with a script consultant to get them across the finish line!

Yes. We have a massive amount of experience and contacts throughout the entertainment industry and will make sure that key decision makers, agents, managers and producers receive the screenplay or television pilot. We work closely with our winners to identify who would be the best career-makers and do our best to get the script to that person.

Revisions and resubmission are the main reason we created this competition. We want you to have the opportunity to use our script consultants’ expert feedback to help you rework your script and resubmit it (at no additional cost!) so it has the best chance to win The Finish Line Script Competition.

You can get a comprehensive set of consultation notes (from the same script consultant throughout the process, just as though you were getting notes from a producer) as many times as you like until the submission period ends. Every time you ask for new notes it will take your script consultant 7-10 days to deliver them to you. These notes, from highly qualified industry professionals, cost$100 for the initial set, which include entry into the competition and $90 foreach subsequent set of detailed, constructive feedback notes.

When you have rewritten your script and want to resubmit, you have two options. The first is to go through FilmFreeway to purchase another set of notes to keep working on new drafts and get a feeling of where your consultant thinks your scripts stands. The second option is to simply email us your new draft at labeled as a new draft and this will be the draft we judge off of. This draft can be switched out at no additional cost until the final resubmissions deadline. After quarter-finalists are announced, those still in the competition can continue to receive as many consultations as they like until that phase of the competition ends. The same process occurs with the semi-finalist period.  Judges evaluate the final scripts, and they choose the Grand Prize Winner, First Runner Up and Second Runner Up.

The best chance of winning is by submitting the best script possible. There is no guarantee that a winner will be chosen from those who use our script consultants, but we believe their experience will help improve your script and your chances to win should you take advantage of their expertise. Ultimately, the writing is up to you, but we will help you get your script ready to show to managers, agents, producers and executives. Your script will leave this competition in better shape than when it came in, if you take advantage of the guidance we offer.

No notes or re-submission are required; you can enter simply by paying the basic entry fee ($40). If you’re sure your script is the very best it can be, then the entry fee should be all you need to spend, But film and TV are the ultimate collaborative arts, and as the most successful screenwriters will tell you, every screenplay can be improved, particularly with input from qualified experts.

As we offer extremely reasonable rates for script consulting services and re-submission, it may be worth your while to see if we can help you! However, again, notes or re-submission aren’t required, just available, and you can choose to take advantage of this service at any time you wish.

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