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...from our 2020 Grand Prize Winner, Guy Rowland

Winning the Finish Line contest was a shock. Getting the prize was a bigger shock. I didn’t quite realise that those 40 people on the mentor page meant all these people would be having one-on-one meetings with me. And these weren’t interns or junior assistants – they were producers, writers, execs, agents, managers, lawyers working in the heart of the system, all hand-picked as helpful, friendly people. Having lived a life entirely outside the gated community of Hollywood, this was genuinely a prize money could not buy.

The biggest shock of all was that so many of these wonderful meetings led to real interest in my winning script REVELATION. It wasn’t treated as a mere writing sample, it was seen by many as a highly desirable screenplay. In a matter of weeks I was juggling multiple offers from managers and production companies, and in January 2021 I signed with Echo Lake Entertainment to represent me and produce.

This was such a surprise in part because REVELATION had not got anywhere in any of the other script contests I had entered. It didn’t even make it to any quarter finals. Which begs the question… how come? Hollywood itself was biting my hand off for the exact same script, after all. Had I not entered the Finish Line, I would have inevitably deduced that I must be a terrible writer.

Even had I not won, I figured Finish Line was worth entering. I paid for feedback that ended up more use to me than every other set of notes I’d ever had combined, at considerably less than the going rate. 8 pages of insightful, thoughtful comments that made a material difference to a script I already thought was finely honed. I submitted the new draft, and this is what went on to win.

Screenplay contests in general don’t enjoy a great reputation. It’s easy to be cynical, and in my experience there is good reason to be. The Finish Line, and its force-of-nature creator Jenny, are the exception that proves the rule. They both have substance, and integrity. My career changed because of them.

...from our 2020 Tirota/Finish Line Social Impact Competition Grand Prize Winner, Dr. Stephane Dunn
The Finish Line/Tirota Social Impact Screenplay Competition has been career changing. It truly supports writers and great stories! I took the opportunity to receive feedback for my Chicago '66 script during the submissions process, and it was incredibly on point - definitely helped me strengthen my story and the screenplay. That's not all; one of the best surprises has been the amazing ongoing support of Jenny Frankfurt and Tirota post the competition. I feel like I won twice - first the unbelievable honor of being selected the 2020 winner and second, gaining such phenomenal advocacy on behalf of my work
...from our 2020 First Runner Up, Theodore James
My first experience with Finish Line Script Competition was in 2019 when my first script SEVEN DEVILS made it to the quarter-finals. After submitting that script, I received seven pages of detailed notes within a matter of days. I had received feedback from other companies specializing in coverage and notes, but all those notes paled in comparison to the feedback I got from Finish Line. These were specific notes to make my script better. I can’t tell you how many times I received vague notes and feedback from other companies that completely missed that mark from what I was doing. Finish Line’s notes really helped me hone in my script. And even though I only made it to quarter-finals with that script, it was well worth the entry fee.

So when I had my next script THE LOVE TRIALS ready, I knew I would be submitting it to Finish Line. I’ve submitted to many contests and most of them take your money and you never hear from them again. I can’t stress this enough, THIS CONTEST IS WORTH IT! The great part of this contest, and it’s the only one of it’s kind, is they let you resubmit your draft for FREE after rewriting it! No other competition I’ve submitted to does that. So even if you don’t place in the competition, your script will still come out better after submitting. Now let’s talk about if you’re lucky enough to win. Expect constant communication from Jenny. She’s extremely eager to get your script read by industry titans. After the contest was over, she worked with me to get the script ready to send out to producers, managers, and production companies. For the past few months, I’ve been talking with tons of mentors, each offering their insights and help pushing my script out to others. I’ve talked with legendary producers who’ve read my script, literary managers, and production company executives and they all are now part of my contacts. I can reach out to them any time for advice and they are all interested in reading my next script.

It’s been exhausting winning First Runner Up! Constant video chats and phone calls with people who loved my script. People I couldn’t have ever reached, had it not been for this competition. I’ve been lucky enough to place highly in other script competitions too, and I have to say none of them hold a candle to Finish Line. Other competitions will give you a laurel and that’s it! Not with Finish Line. Expect to be escorted into the inner sanctum of Hollywood. I know, that sounds crazy to say that, but in my experience, totally true!
...from our 2020 Second Runner Up, James Woods
The Finish Line Script Competition is hands-down the most valuable writing competition I've entered. If you've written a script and are looking for considered, professional, invested feedback, or you're hoping for genuine access to Hollywood decision makers, then do yourself a favor and enter. 
Jenny and the Finish Line team actually ARE what so many contests CLAIM to be - industry professionals with an eye for spotting talent, and a long track record of helping writers succeed.  They take every entry seriously and do their absolute best to make each script it's best possible self. For writers truly on the verge this translates into script reads, introductions and meetings with insiders. For those just starting out, it means honest, actionable feedback with the added, invaluable opportunity to re-submit a new and improved draft. Either way, entering Finish Line will undoubtedly benefit your writing and- if you're fortunate enough to place- your writing career.
  • The Finish Line Script Competition is unique in that it pushes you towards a better script.. The feedback on my script was detailed and professional. There's no doubt that my resubmitted draft improved because of it. Good communication also. It would benefit any screenwriter to seriously take a look at entering this competition. – William Speruzzi

  • Regardless of result, the quality of the feedback was detailed and has helped in other competitions, was incredibly prompt, and any questions I asked to the organizer were answered with kindness and professionalism within hours via email. – Ryan Mills

  • The notes I was given really helped me improve the script and the support through the whole process was really appreciated. I'd definitely recommend entering. – Nick Kirby

  • Great experience! I ended up being so happy with every aspect of this contest. Their communication was incredible and their notes on my script were really valuable. – Thomas Clary

  • Generous respectful feedback shows a professional read my script with care. Guidance will be followed as the reader suggests--to the extent I see value added--which in my case is totally! Writing IS about rewriting. – DD Lippman

  • I got the kind of professional feedback that help me to develop, deepen and bring out greater content into the story than ever before without any judgmentalism such as I've experienced in the past. The most serious competition I’ve entered - Mark Rigoglioso

  • When I submitted my script to Finish Line and they paired me with my script consultant, whether through serendipity of shared experience or just her deftness in dealing with baby writers, we hit it off, My consultant gave me the freedom to feel good to cut a story, with bullshit-free notes that elevated my concepts but not my ego. There was no questioning where she stood on my ability, and therefore even less was the question about where I should move. Forward. And my Finish Line was not even winning the first competition, but it was receiving a 9/10 on the Blacklist and then securing a wonderful manager in Derrick Eppich of Lee Stobby Entertainment. - Jared Egol (semi-finalist)

  • Since entering the Finish Line Screenplay Competition, my writing has improved dramatically. Finish Line provided me with extensive feedback on my script, "Freedom Ain't Free" and pushed me to write, rewrite, and rewrite, helping me to familiarize myself with the form. Finish Line has put me in contact with a number of industry professionals, including producers, creative executives, directors, and other writers, all of whom have provided me with invaluable advice on how to improve my screenwriting and how to navigate the film and television industry.Winning the Finish Line Screenplay Competition has really kick-started my writing career better than I could have hoped for, and for that I am very grateful. - Charlie Jones (Grand Prize Winner)

  • I believe wholeheartedly in the goals of Finish Line Script Competition. To work with writers side-by-side so they may finish with a stellar script. My analyst provided me with pages and pages of copious notes. And because of her/his instruction the script improved with rewrites and went on to win in several other festivals. Because the best part of Finish Line is that they simply don't stop caring about you and your story once the competition is over. Finish Line has heart. It's demonstrated as they continue to follow you and your story's success even after the season has ended. - Kelly Jean Karam

  • This competition was a wonderful writing experience. The readers really invested themselves in the story looking far beyond all the structural "writing cliches" of Hollywood textbooks - enabling me to bring a left of center idea to life rather than telling me "No, you can't do that!!" like so many other readers. I was close to giving it all up but now I am more inspired to see what can be achieved on the page. I trust their judgment. -Sasha Siljanovic (semi-finalist)

  • I have had feedback from contest and highly paid professionals. Nothing was as in depth as the feedback from Finish line. They helped me rewrite my script with valuable insight every round and I watched my script grow into the best version of itself. Really can’t say enough. Well worth the entry fee. - Amanda Samaroo (Semi-finalist)

  • The feedback I received on my script from Finish Line was tough but very fair. I rewrote the script a number of times, and it definitely got better. I know this because it was a semi-finalist in the Finish Line Script Competition. And I just learned that it is currently a semi-finalist in the Cinequest Screenplay Competition. I’m working on another script and I fully intend to submit it to the Finish Line—and start the process all over again! - Kieran Angelini (semi-finalist)

  • As a beginning screenwriter, the Finish Line Script Competition provided inspiration and encouragement without foregoing viable, true criticism. They are an organization of well-versed, real live people focused on fostering a relationship to help writers and their scripts achieve their potential rather than being yet another black hole to simply ship scripts off into and wait. They're a well-deserved follow on Twitter, too! - Jake Quinn (semi-finalist)

  • Being placed first runner up in Finish Line Script Competition has been a huge validation for my writing and faith in my script "Coaching Class". If the script has come this far, it's only because of your great feedback and notes.  I also appreciate your continuous efforts to have the script read by industry pros.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart for your constant support in my screenwriting journey. - Adite Banerjie (1st Runner Up)

  • This is a fabulously run contest. You would never know it was the first year. Communication was top notch. They met their dates when they said they would and the notes were beyond helpful. - Colin Costello (semi-finalist)

  • Amazing. The notes I received were priceless and helped change my screenplay for the better with a night and day difference. Highly recommend everyone enter this competition! - Kevin Kraft (semi-finalist)

  • I chose to get feedback and then resubmit. The notes were extensive, constructive and very helpful. They came to me within 2 days. The chance to resubmit is a really great idea- awesome value for money. All my correspondence with the festival was professional and quick. Such a great comp to be a part of. I will definitely enter a new project next year! - Sally Pitts

  • This is an excellent screenplay competition indeed. The fact that they give notes and then allow you to submit new drafts is excellent. The notes they gave my script helped it out immensely and led to it being a semi-finalist! - Charles Pieper (semi-finalist)

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